Rug Size Guide

Select the perfect size for your rug

Rugs add a warm and decorative dimension to every space. But, choosing the ideal size can be a challenge. That's why we've put together this practical guide.

It is essential to consider the space where the rug will be placed.

  • In the living room: opt for a spacious rug covering a majority of the area, such as the 160x230 cm or 200x300 cm models.
  • For the bedroom: a rug of intermediate size, such as 150x200 cm, is ideal. To place next to the bed, the 50x160 cm is an excellent option.
  • The hallway: a small size rug, 40x60 cm, or a slightly larger size, 80x120 cm, would be perfect.

Rug Size Selection

Here is a summary of the carpet dimensions available on our site, specifying the length and width each time:

Size (cm) Length (cm) Width (cm) Length (inches)
Width (inches)
40x60 40 60 15.75 23.62
50x80 50 80 19.69 31.50
45x115 45 115 17.72 45.28
40x120 40 120 15.75 47.24
50x160 50 160 19.69 62.99
80x120 80 120 31.50 47.24
80x160 80 160 31.50 62.99
100x160 100 160 39.37 62.99
120x160 120 160 47.24 62.99
140x200 140 200 55.12 78.74
160x230 160 230 62.99 90.55
180x280 180 280 70.87 110.24
200x300 200 300 78.74 118.11

The first column of the table indicates the dimensions used for rectangular or square rugs.

For round rugs, the diameter is specified , thus replacing the length and width. This diameter is measured by drawing a line through the center of the mat to its outer edge.

This size selection guide is designed to help you find the ideal size for your room.

All the dimensions of rugs mentioned above are available on our site, with a diverse range of patterns and colors to enhance your interior!