Comment enlever de la cire de bougie sur un tapis ?

how to remove candle wax from carpet?


1. Use an iron

So, using an iron to remove candle wax from your carpet is simple and effective. Who knew an iron could help so much? But it's true, a little heat, and presto, the wax starts to melt . It can really save your carpet. This is a tip to keep in mind the next time a candle spills its wax.

2. Use an ice cube

Another tip is to use an ice cube . Yes, you read correctly ! If you've spilled candle wax on your carpet, don't panic. Take an ice cube from the freezer.

Place it directly on the wax. Wait a minute. The wax will harden from the cold. Then you can break it and remove it easily. It's like magic, but without the magician. Nothing complicated!

3. Apply solvent

If the ice cube doesn't work, don't worry, we have another tip: the solvent . Sometimes the wax is absolutely stubborn and won't leave your carpet. In this case, use a mild solvent like rubbing alcohol .

Please note, test it first on a small corner of your carpet to be sure it does not discolor. Next, put some solvent on a clean cloth and gently rub it onto the candle wax . And there you have it, the task should go away. But remember, always be careful with chemicals, and read the instructions carefully .

4. Precautions to take

Before venturing into the adventure of cleaning wax stains from carpet, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, always test a product on a small, hidden part of your carpet. We don't want to make a big, even more visible stain, do we? Then, if you use chemicals , ventilate the room well. Fresh air is important. And then, keep these products out of reach of children and animals. You never know, it's better to be careful.

Another thing, when you scrub the stain, take it easy. If you rub too hard, you risk damaging the carpet. And finally, once you're done and your carpet is all nice and clean, let it dry completely. We don't want to walk on a wet carpet, right?


There you have it, cleaning candle wax off a carpet isn't that complicated, is it? Whether you use an iron , an ice cube or a solvent , the main thing is to take your time and be careful.

Remember to follow the precautions to avoid damaging your carpet. And remember, a little accident happens to everyone. So, the next time you see a drop of wax melting on your carpet, don't panic! You now have all the tools in hand to remedy this. Happy cleaning to you!

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