tapis de gym epaisseur 10 cm

The advantages of using a 10 cm thick gym mat

Improve your comfort and safety during training

10 cm thick gym mats are essential equipment for all athletes, whether beginners or experienced. They have several functions, including improving comfort and safety during training. Here are the advantages of these mats:

Shock absorption

When performing strength or cardio exercises, it is common to jump or fall to the ground. With a 10 cm thick gym mat, you benefit from better shock absorption, which reduces the risk of injuries and pain in your knees, hips and shoulders. Plus, the extra thickness provides increased comfort during workouts.


The 10 cm thick gym mats provide a stable surface for exercises, which is particularly important for strength exercises where it is necessary to maintain balance. They also prevent slipping and skidding, which can be dangerous during workouts. Plus, they can also be used for stretching and yoga exercises, making them even more versatile.

Floor protection

Finally, 10 cm thick gym mats are an ideal choice for protecting the floors in your home. They prevent scratches and damage from heavy objects and fitness equipment, which is especially useful for people who regularly practice fitness at home.


In summary, 10 cm thick gym mats are essential equipment for athletes. They provide additional comfort, improved stability and increased floor protection, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their fitness experience. So, don't wait any longer and invest in a 10 cm thick gym mat today!

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