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How to wash a carpet?

Don't know how to wash a carpet? here I will offer you my best solutions.

First of all, for those who don't have time to read the article in its entirety, I suggest you watch this video which only lasts 4 minutes 43. It will clearly explain to you how to wash your carpet effectively.

If after watching the video, you need additional information on how to properly wash your carpet , you can read the rest of my article!


Why is it important to wash your carpet?

Come on, I'll tell you something: when we think of rugs, we think of softness, warmth and decoration . But in reality, it's also a kind of giant vacuum cleaner... except that it doesn't empty itself! It accumulates everything : crumbs from the snack, hairs from our faithful companion, and this dust that we never really see, but which is definitely there.

The problem is that all this is not just ugly when you look closely, it is also a cozy nest for dust mites.

You know those little invisible creatures that love to make us sneeze and scratch our eyes? Maintaining your carpet also means taking care of your health . Nothing's worse than breathing in these unwanted things, especially when you have kids playing on them.

And then, let's talk about aesthetics: a clean carpet is much more pleasant. Imagine: a little cocooning moment, a cup of tea, a good book... and this feeling of softness under your feet. It has nothing to do with the feeling of walking on a neglected carpet, right?

Finally, a quick word for decor fans: if you have spent a small budget on a beautiful rug, whether it is a Roche Bobois or a nice model found among us , it is still a shame not to take care of it, No ? Good maintenance is the assurance of keeping your carpet beautiful and functional for longer . Believe me, it's worth looking into!

How often should you wash your carpet?

Come on, let’s get our feet wet! 🤣 Okay, jokes aside, let’s get serious. If we did a little poll in the area, many would say that they wash their carpets... well, almost never. Do you recognize yourself? It's not the end of the world, but let's do better together!

How often to wash your carpet

Already, a little regular vacuuming is the BA BA BA. If you have a good Dyson or even a Rowenta , don't hesitate to use it once a week. This prevents dirt from becoming too embedded. For those who have animals , I even advise you to do it twice a week . We love our little furballs, but when it comes to cleanliness, it's not always that. 😼

Then, for deep cleaning, it's like spring cleaning: once or twice a year is perfect. If your rug is in a high-traffic area, such as the living room, opt for twice. If it's in a bedroom, once may be enough. But be careful, before bringing out the big guns and household products , look carefully at the label! Some mats do not support certain products. You wouldn't want to find your carpet all discolored, would you?

And for the bravest, if you really want the best of the best, why not consider renting a shampoo machine? Brands like Leroy Merlin or Castorama offer them. Honestly, after that, your carpet will be like new !

Manual method: how to wash your carpet by hand?

How to wash a carpet manually

So, are you ready for a little treadmill fitness session? 😜 First of all, one important thing: never underestimate the effectiveness of a good vacuum cleaner. Honestly, it's night and day. And if you have a vacuum cleaner like Electrolux or Dyson , it's even better. The idea is to remove as much dust as possible before adding water.

Then, head to the kitchen or bathroom. Take a large bucket, fill it with lukewarm water and add a little carpet shampoo. I like the Starwax and Bissell brands. They do the job and smell great. On the other hand, avoid things that are too aggressive, otherwise goodbye to the beautiful colors of your carpet.

With a sponge or a soft brush (not the dishwashing brush, eh!), gently scrub your carpet . We don't want to ruin it, just clean it. If a stain is a little tough, take a deep breath and attack it a few times rather than scrubbing like crazy.

After this little effort, it's time to rinse . A clean sponge, clear water and presto, rinse. Don't panic if it foams a little, it's normal. The important thing is to rinse everything well.

For drying, if you have an exterior and the sun is peeking out, it's the jackpot. Otherwise, a well-ventilated room will do the trick. And a little friendly advice : avoid putting the carpet back on while it is still damp. Otherwise, hello mold!

And There you go ! Who said washing a rug by hand was complicated? With a little organization and patience, it's in your pocket. Courage, you will get there! 💪

Machine method: advantages and precautions

Well, between us, sometimes we're just too lazy to wash our carpet by hand , right? And that's where the machine comes in. It's a bit like the hero of lazy days. But before jumping into it, there are still a few things to know.

Carpet washing machine

First, let's talk about the benefits . With the machine:

  • We save a lot of time . You put your mat in, press a button and presto!
  • Modern machines , especially those from brands like LG or Whirlpool , have special programs for delicate textiles . So, less risk of ruining your precious carpet.
  • It's great for eliminating mites and other not-so-friendly little creatures.

But, and yes, there is a “but”, you have to be careful:

  • Not all rugs are made for the machine . Check the label carefully beforehand, otherwise you risk ending up with a Barbie doll-sized rug.
  • Wash at low temperature . Hot water can cause colors to fade.
  • Avoid putting it in the dryer. Fibers may deteriorate. Good old air drying is still the best.

In summary, the machine is great, but you still have to keep your head on your shoulders. A quick look at the label on your mat and a few precautions can save the day!

Drying: a crucial step

Honestly, who knew drying would be so important? After you've done all the washing work, it's not time to ruin everything! I can tell you that I learned this the hard way...

Dry a carpet

First golden rule: avoid the dryer . Although it's tempting to go faster, it can damage the fibers and deform your carpet. The ideal? Proper drying in the open air , away from direct sunlight which could discolor certain parts. If you want to speed up the process, use fans, they're the best!

And if you see that your rug has taken on a few wrinkles during the wash, gently rolling with a terry towel can help get it back into shape. Simple and efficient ! Otherwise check out my article on how to flatten a carpet :)

Tips for maintaining your carpet

So, we washed and dried well, but that's not all! If you really want your carpet to last a long time, there are a few little everyday tips that I advise you to follow. It's not complicated, I promise!

First of all, you should know that the vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Remember Roomba vacuum cleaners ? Well, for a rug, it’s perfect. You should vacuum at least once a week to remove dust and small dirt that gets stuck there. And believe me, there are more than you think!

Second, avoid shoes on the carpet at all costs . The soles are a real breeding ground for bacteria, and what's more, they damage the fibers. It is better to establish a simple rule: take off your shoes before walking on them.

Finally, if you want to avoid stains, an anti-stain product like Scotchgard may be a good idea. It's inexpensive, and it can save your carpet from disaster during a party that's a little too drunk (if you know what I mean 😉).

There you have it, with all that, your carpet should stay like new for a long time. And if there ever is an accident, now you know what to do, right?

One last friendly tip, see our article on how to wash a white carpet that has turned gray .

That's it!, that's it for today, I wish you a good day!

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