Comment fonctionne un tapis de puzzle ?

How does a puzzle mat work?

How does a puzzle mat work? We will answer you in detail.


Puzzle mats are a practical and fun solution for storing and protecting your puzzles. But how exactly do they work? This article will detail how a puzzle mat works step by step to help you understand how it can help you store and protect your puzzles.

Puzzle mat materials

Puzzle mats are typically made from high-quality materials such as neoprene or rubber for added durability. They are also often lined with a plastic sheet for added protection against damage caused by puzzle pieces sliding or colliding with each other.

How to Place Puzzle Pieces on the Mat

To place the puzzle pieces on the mat, you simply open the mat and roll it out onto a flat surface. You can then start placing the puzzle pieces on the mat following their shape and color to arrange them as you see fit. The mat will often have engraved lines to help you organize your puzzle pieces into sections, which can be useful if you have a lot of puzzle pieces.

How to Store Puzzle Pieces on the Mat

Once you have placed all the puzzle pieces on the mat, you can put them away by rolling the mat carefully so that the pieces stay in place. Some people prefer to use tape or rubber band to keep the mat rolled up during transport or storage.

How to transport the puzzle mat

The puzzle mat can easily be transported from one place to another thanks to its compact and lightweight design. You can simply roll it up and slip it into a purse or backpack to carry it with you. Some puzzle mats even come with a handle for even easier transport.


In conclusion, puzzle mats are a great way to store and protect your puzzles in one place. They are made from high quality materials for added durability, and can easily be used, stored and transported for convenient and fun use.

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