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How to make a puzzle mat

How to make a puzzle mat

If you're a puzzle lover , you probably know how difficult it can be to work on a large puzzle on a table or on the floor. Fortunately, it's easy to make a puzzle mat to solve this problem. Follow the steps below to make your own puzzle mat.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need the following items to make your puzzle mat:

  • A 1 cm thick foam plate
  • A roll of adhesive felt
  • A paper knife or cutter
  • A meter

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Use your tape measure to measure the size of your completed puzzle, then add 2-3cm for the edges. Cut the foam to size using your paper knife or craft knife.

Step 3: Cover the foam with adhesive felt

Start by unrolling the adhesive felt and spreading it on a flat surface to make it smooth. Remove the backing paper from the adhesive felt and gently place it on the foam. Make sure to position it without air bubbles and with an even application to avoid any creases or imperfections.

It is crucial that the felt is well bonded to the foam so that your mat is as functional as possible.

Making sure it fits snugly on all edges, press firmly and smooth the surface with your hands or a rubber spatula to ensure perfect adhesion.

Step 4: Cut Excess Adhesive Felt

After applying the adhesive felt, you will probably notice excess sticking out of the foam. This is normal, and makes it easier to adjust during application.

To achieve a clean finish, place the foam on a stable surface . Take your paper knife or craft knife and hold it at a 45 degree angle for a more precise cut. Gently cut off any excess adhesive felt, following the edges of the foam.

Make sure you have constant pressure and a consistent speed to ensure a straight, clean cut. This step is essential to give your mat a professional appearance and avoid any risk of snagging or tearing during use.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Puzzle Mat

Your puzzle mat is now ready to use. Simply place your current puzzle on the mat and start working. You can also fold the mat to easily store your completed puzzle.

Making your own puzzle mat is a simple and inexpensive solution to working on your puzzles in complete convenience. So why not make one today?

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