Comment aménager une petite salle de bain ?

How to arrange a small bathroom?

15 unique tips to optimize a small bathroom


1. Corner sinks 🚰

corner sinks in bathroom

When it comes to optimizing a small space, every inch counts. This is where corner sinks come into play. 🌟 These engineering marvels are designed to fit perfectly into the corners of your bathroom, providing a stylish and functional solution for those who are cramped. Here's why they're so valuable:

  • Space Saving: They utilize often neglected space, freeing up more floor space.
  • Elegant Design: Many designs are available, ranging from modern to classic, blending harmoniously into any decor.
  • Functionality: Although compact, they offer all the comfort of a traditional sink.

Don't forget to combine your corner sink with a suitable mirror to maximize the efficiency and elegance of this arrangement. 🌈

2. Built-in cupboards 🚪

bathroom storage space

Maximizing storage space without visually cluttering a room is an art, especially in a small bathroom. Built-in closets are an ingenious solution for adding storage capacity while maintaining a clean aesthetic.

  • Smart use of space: Built-in closets utilize wall areas that would otherwise be wasted. This frees up floor space and helps keep the room clutter-free.
  • Custom Design: Whether around the sink, behind the door or even under a window, these cabinets can be designed to fit perfectly into any space. 📐
  • Discretion assured: The sleek fronts blend into the wall, providing easy access to items while remaining discreet.
  • Organization options: With drawers, shelves, or special compartments, these cabinets can be arranged to meet all your storage needs.

Investing in built-in cupboards means choosing a durable solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. It is always good to consider a consultation with a planning expert to ensure a smooth implementation and take full advantage of the benefits of this tip. 😊

3. Short and deep bathtubs 🛁

short and deep bathtubs

One of the most bulky items in a bathroom is often the bathtub. However, it is possible to combine luxury and functionality, even in a small space. How? With short and deep bathtubs . These design marvels offer the experience of a relaxing bath without taking up all the space.

  • Optimal use of space: These tubs, although narrow, use depth to provide a complete soaking experience, while taking up less space horizontally.
  • Modern design: With elegant and clean shapes, they bring a contemporary touch to any bathroom. ✨
  • Perfect complement: These bathtubs pair well with separate showers, allowing you to have the best of both worlds in a small space.
  • Flexible installation: Many can be installed close to the wall or even at a corner to save even more space.

Choosing a short, deep bathtub is a smart investment for those who want to maximize their space while still enjoying a true oasis of relaxation. It is recommended to accurately measure your space and consult a professional to ensure perfect installation. 😌

4. Folding showers 🚿

Shower with folding door

One of the most innovative ways to maximize space in a small bathroom is to install folding showers . These gems of ingenuity offer all the functionality of a traditional shower without monopolizing space when not in use.

  • Space saving: Once folded, the shower leaves a large surface area free, instantly transforming the bathroom. You can then take advantage of this space for other activities, such as a foot bath or a morning stretching area. 🌞
  • Adaptive design: They can be designed to adapt to atypical spaces or hard-to-reach corners, thus offering great flexibility in design.
  • Aesthetics: Folding showers can feature walls made of glass or transparent materials, visually enlarging the bathroom and providing a feeling of openness.
  • Easy Installation: Despite their sophisticated design, these showers are often easier to install than traditional options. 😃

The key with folding showers is to combine practicality and aesthetics for a reinvented bathroom experience. Incorporating this solution into a development project requires thought, but the end result is well worth the effort! 🌟

5. Towel radiators 🌡️

Shower heater with towel

Towel radiators are not just a luxury, they are a real functional solution for small bathrooms. Doubly useful, they heat your bathroom while keeping your towels warm and tidy.

  • Functionality: A heated towel rail ensures that you always have a warm towel within reach after your shower or bath. It's a comfort you won't want to give up! 😌
  • Space Optimization: It combines the need for heating and storage into one unit, freeing up floor and wall space for other essentials.
  • Aesthetics: Modern designs not only offer efficiency, but also a sleek aesthetic that can transform the look of your bathroom.
  • Energy Saving: Many are designed to use less energy, helping you lower your bills while being environmentally responsible. 🍃

By integrating a towel radiator into your small bathroom, you combine energy efficiency, comfort and design to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted or free-standing model, it's an investment that adds both value and functionality to your space. 🛀✨

6. Sliding doors 🚪

Sliding doors in a bathroom

In a small bathroom, every inch counts. Sliding doors are an ingenious solution to maximize available space and avoid cluttering your room with hinged doors. These doors provide a smooth, seamless transition between different areas of your bathroom.

  • Space Saving: Unlike traditional doors which require space to open, sliding doors slide on tracks, freeing up valuable square footage. 📏
  • Flexibility: They can be installed for the shower, for the closet or as the main bathroom door, depending on your needs.
  • Design: Sliding doors come in a variety of styles and finishes to fit any aesthetic. Whether it's clear glass for a modern look or wood for a rustic touch, there's an option for every bathroom. 🎨
  • Ease of use: Today's sliding mechanisms are designed for smooth and quiet use, making daily use pleasant and effortless.

Investing in sliding doors is a smart and stylish way to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is. This design choice not only saves space but also enhances the level of sophistication of your bathroom. Ultimately, it's a winning tip for optimizing space and adding an elegant touch to your interior. 😉

7. Wall taps 🚿

Bathroom wall faucet

When space is at a premium, it's essential to consider every design detail. Wall-mounted faucets are an innovation that saves space on your sink or bathtub, while offering a refined and contemporary aesthetic.

  • Minimalist aesthetic: With less clutter on the counter or tub, wall-mounted faucets provide a clear line of sight, creating a sense of larger space. ✨
  • Simplified cleaning: Without the usual seals around installed taps, cleaning becomes easier. It is a perfect solution for those seeking both beauty and functionality.
  • Variety of styles: Whether you like the modern look of chrome or the warmth of bronze, there is a wall-mounted faucet for every bathroom style. 🎨
  • Installation: Although it requires careful planning, installing wall-mounted faucets frees up valuable counter space. Ideal for small bathrooms!

By choosing wall-mounted taps , not only do you save valuable space, but you also inject a dose of modernity into your bathroom. It's a tip that combines efficiency with aesthetics for a truly remarkable result. Adopting this trend means taking a further step towards an optimized and designer bathroom. 😊

8. Shelves above doors 🛍️

Shelf above a door in a modern bathroom

When every inch counts, it's smart to look upwards for untapped storage spaces. The space above your door is often overlooked, but can be transformed into a nifty storage location. Space Optimization: Shelves above doors take advantage of typically unused space, maximizing the bathroom's vertical space. 🚀

  • Discreet storage: Located high up, these shelves allow you to store less used items or reserves, while maintaining a tidy appearance.
  • Adaptability: Whether you want to place extra towels, beauty products, or even a few houseplants for some greenery, these shelves can adapt to your needs. 🌿
  • Installation: Be sure to use sturdy brackets for the shelves, especially if you plan to store heavier items on them. Safety first! 🔧

Every corner of your bathroom can be an opportunity to improve organization and functionality. By exploiting areas like the space above the door, you give a new dimension to your bathroom, making it both practical and stylish. So, don't hesitate to look up and consider adding these life-saving tablets! 😍

9. Hijacking shoe racks 👡

Who would have thought that a simple shoe rack could be the key to a well-organized bathroom? This clever little trick will save you space and provide an inexpensive storage solution.

  • Adaptability: Although originally designed for shoes, these organizers are perfect for storing bathroom products, from shampoos and creams to brushes and other accessories. 🧴
  • Saved space: Hanging behind the door or even inside a cabinet, it uses often neglected space, while avoiding cluttering counters.
  • Visibility: The clear compartments on many shoe racks allow you to see exactly what you have, making it easier to find products. No more searching! 🕵️
  • Ease of Installation: Most shoe racks simply hang, meaning no holes, no screws, and a snap of installation. ⏱️

Repurposing common objects for alternative uses can be an ingenious way to maximize space in a small bathroom. The shoe rack is a perfect example, offering a practical, efficient and stylish solution for all your storage needs. To try it is to adopt it! 😉

10. Magnetic accessories 🧲

Bathroom tool holder

The magic of magnetism isn't just for fridge magnets! In a small bathroom, magnetic accessories can be real space savers. From saving counter space to organizing your essential tools, the drawing power of magnetism works wonders. 🌟

  • Magnetic Tool Holders: Ideal for hanging your scissors, tweezers, or even your razor blades. They stay within reach without taking up space on the counter.
  • Magnetic Pots: Attach them to the inside of your cabinets to store small items like bobby pins or elastics. These pots provide easy access while avoiding clutter. 🌀
  • Magnetic strips: Install them on the wall or inside cupboard doors to hang various items. It is an elegant solution that maximizes vertical use of space.
  • Adaptability: Magnetic accessories can be easily repositioned according to your needs. So, as your needs evolve, your organization can adapt accordingly. 🔄

The use of magnetic accessories offers unparalleled flexibility and saves valuable space. The ability to keep everything tidy and within reach without sacrificing aesthetics is a great advantage. Embrace the power of magnets and give your small bathroom a modern and functional touch! 😊

11. Bathtub tablets 🛀

Bath tray with support

Bath time is often synonymous with relaxation. And yet, how many times have you run out of space to put down that book or that glass of wine? The solution lies in bathtub shelves . Not only do they provide a functional space for your essentials, but they also transform your bathtub into a true wellness space . 😌

  • Multi-function: These shelves can accommodate your books, candles, glasses, bath products and even some of your electronic gadgets (use with caution!).
  • Various materials: Whether it's bamboo for a Zen atmosphere, metal for a modern look, or plastic for easy maintenance, there's a shelf for every style. 🎨
  • Adaptable: Many are expandable to fit different bath sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Safety: Be sure to choose models with non-slip feet or armrests to avoid any risk of slipping. Safety first! ⛑️

Optimizing your bathtub space with a shelf not only transforms the functionality, but also the overall experience of your bathroom. In addition to gaining convenience, it adds a touch of luxury to your moments of relaxation. So, the next time you take a bubble bath, imagine having everything within easy reach. Pure bliss! 😇

12. Toilet with integrated sink 🚽

At the crossroads of functionality and durability , toilets with integrated sinks redefine efficiency in sanitary spaces. Imagine combining two bathroom essentials into one stylish device! 😮

  • Increased practicality: No more going back and forth between the sink and the toilet. Everything is within reach, ensuring smooth and harmonious use. 👌
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint: By using water from the sink to flush the toilet, the water saving is real and significant. A small action for a big cause! 🌍💧
  • Space optimization: In small bathrooms or guest toilets, this combo is a real space saver. Every centimeter counts! 📏
  • Variety of designs: Far from being monolithic, these toilets come in several styles, shapes and sizes, adapting to all tastes and decorations. 🎨

The transformation of sanitary spaces is underway with innovations such as toilets with integrated sinks . It is a fusion that is not limited to form, but which transcends in terms of water saving and rational use of space. So why not consider this option during your next renovation? 🤔✨

13. Hanging storage 🧺

Exploit the vertical potential of your rooms with hanging storage! These clever solutions free up floor space while adding a modern and functional decorative touch to your interior. 🌆

  • Maximizing space: By using overhead space, hanging storage allows you to use every corner of your home. Ideal for small apartments and studios! 🏢
  • Adaptability: Whether baskets, shelves or plant stands, there are a multitude of options for every need and decorative style. 🎨
  • Easy access: Unlike tall cabinets, these storage units are often at eye level, making access to your belongings easier and more intuitive. 👁️‍🗨️
  • Safety: Less floor space means fewer tripping hazards. A clever solution for families with young children or elderly people. 👶👵

Hanging storage is not only aesthetic, but it is also an ingenious way to optimize your living space. Whether you want to clear the space, highlight certain objects or simply add a touch of modernity to your decor, these solutions are made for you! 🌠

14. Bath mat: combining aesthetics and functionality 🛁

White bath mat

Bath mats are not just decorative elements for your bathroom. They play a crucial role in safety, comfort and aesthetics. 😊 If chosen well, they can transform the appearance of your small bathroom while optimizing its usefulness.

  • Non-slip 🚫🤸: Make sure you opt for mats that provide good grip . This reduces the risk of slipping, especially when the ground is wet.
  • Absorbent materials 💧: Choose mats that quickly absorb water, preventing puddles and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Varied Designs 🎨: Whether you want a modern, rustic or even exotic look, there are a multitude of designs to complement your bathroom aesthetic. Opt for example for this magnificent taupe-colored bath mat .
  • Easy maintenance 👌: Opt for rugs that are easy to clean and resistant to mold, ensuring a long life and constant freshness.

Think of bath mats as versatile accessories that add a touch of style, while providing essential functionality. It is one of the simple but impactful elements to optimally arrange a small bathroom. 🌟

15. Using transparent materials 🪟

The current trend leans heavily towards the use of transparent materials in interior design. They not only offer a feeling of open space, but also bring a modern and elegant touch. 🌟✨

  • Minimalist elegance: Transparent materials such as glass or plexiglass introduce a clean, sophisticated look, ideal for modern spaces. 👌
  • Space optimization: By minimizing visual obstructions, they visually enlarge even the smallest rooms. It's the perfect solution for small apartments or cramped rooms! 🏢
  • Customization: Add tints, patterns or even textures to personalize your transparent elements and make them unique. 🎨
  • Combinability: These materials blend beautifully with other textures and materials like wood, metal or stone, offering endless design options. 🌈

The magic of transparent materials lies in their ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. In addition to offering unobstructed vision, they can be transformed into real works of art depending on their treatment and use. Thus, they become key elements in the design of modern and bright interiors. 💡

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